Product Communication without the Email Chains

Aligning products, decisions, and stakeholders.

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Why is product communication so time consuming and problematic?
Product managers spend considerable time keeping up with their product's status. When the status changes, product managers have to communicate the new status to affected stakeholders. Ensuring that everyone is aware and aligned then becomes its own challenge.
Notepads, Spreadsheets, Email, and Meetings

These are the top day-to-day tools for product managers because they are quick and easy to use.

Hard to Share and Search

Capturing data in multiple tools and venues makes sharing and searching difficult.

Miss the Big Picture

Short notes and action items capture imporant details, but they cannot convey the big picture.

Require Constant Updates

Product managers must constantly engage in understanding product status and informing stakeholders.

Other product tools

Product managers try other tools but consistently return to their basic kit.

Dictate Workflow

Other tools enforce processes that conflict with current workflow.

Focus on Inputs

Other tools focus on organizing inputs instead of illustrating progress and results.

Neglect Change

Other tools fail to communicate product change.

The Cost of Confusion
Over 85% of product managers surveyed reported that they spent at least 4 hours each week clarifying product decision history for stakeholders who misunderstood product status. This covers simple "what did we decide at last week's meeting?" to complex "why don't we have this functionality that was planned for Q2?" That's at least 2 full days per month just clarifying status. What are the costs to the technical team when directions change? What are the costs to the stakeholders who are impacted by changing product features? What are the costs to the business for bad product decisions?
Laminar Helps Everyone Understand Product Status

Laminar is easy to use, it doesn't require a new workflow, it doesn't require new work, it doesn't require special knowledge or training.

Capture Micro Notes

Quickly capture aspects of conversations and connect them to people, events, and initiatives.

Build Context

Aggregate aspects over time to build context around your initiatives.

Leverage Insights

View your product context from different perspectives to understand what is really happening.